About Us

Vijay Homes has more than 30 years of experience in conceiving, developing, constructing and managing varied projects.

Right from its inception in 1986, Vijay Homes has remained committed to applying the art of value-based aesthetics into the science of construction through excellent engineering. The Vijay Homes team is mainly made up of engineers who are backed up by highly qualified specialists from various fields of management. every Vijay Homes professional follows well-documented systems and procedures.

Today, Vijay Home’s achievements range from sprawling factories to premium homes, from glittering malls to towering software parks and classy elegant schools. One simple principle guides Vijay Homes’s approach to every project: “Understand the customer’s needs and expectations; Fulfil the needs and exceed the expectations.” This is how Vijay Homes has been able to strike the right balance between engineering and thoughtful development project after project.

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